Broken collars & sadness

My collar broke this morning.  The chain crumbled in my hands as I tried to put it on for the day.  It put a damper on my Monday morning, as if Mondays weren't bad enough.  I wanted to burst into tears and crawl back into bed.  All day I kept trying to touch it, as I often do when I'm anxious or frustrated at work, but it wasn't there.  I felt... lost and strangely vulnerable.

I've been feeling off all day.  Not just because of the collar (also, life in general) but that has been a contributing factor.  It makes it more difficult when I cannot confide in my friends.  I can tell them I'm sad that I broke my necklace, but they don't know (and likely never will) what it symbolizes.  To them, it is just a piece of jewelry.     

Wolf and I are long-distance, that damn necklace is the one tangible thing I have with me all day everyday that links me to Him.  I realize that it's a material object and doesn't affect my relationship or dynamic with Him, but ther…

Titles & Name-calling in D/s

Today's post is about titles and name-calling, another prompt from the 30 Days of D/s by Loving BDSM.  Actually, it's mostly about titles within a D/s relationship, I'm just adding the name-calling part because I needed something extra to write about.

The questions given in the prompt include: Are there titles you prefer or are interested in exploring?  Are there any that turn you off or don't seem to be a good fit for you?

Titles vary from dynamic to dynamic.  When talking to or about my Wolf, I call Him Wolf or Sir or by His name.  If I'm answering a direct question it is always yes or no Sir.  Wolf calls me various things, too - little bunny, slut bunny, or my actual name.

I think that titles can serve to reinforce the dynamic.  Being called 'little bunny' makes me feel warm and fuzzy and... submissive.  It turns me on a little too, but let's face it, I am turned on 99% of the time anyway.  Slut bunny, indeed.

I also enjoy being called more degradin…

Submissives: We are not all the same!

In my previous post, I talked about Dominance and discussed some traits I thought Doms should have as well as other musings on the subject.  Today's subject is about... submission!  Shocking, I know. 

This is another prompt from Loving BDSM (the site STILL seems to be down, I will link as soon as I can):  Does a submissive have certain behaviors? Specific tasks?  What thoughts come to mind when you think of submissives and submission?

I have trouble with these questions, as I don't feel I can speak for ALL submissives.  I can only speak for myself.  Like snowflakes, none of us are the same.  The dynamics we exist in are different and our submission is different. This entire post will be geared toward my own submission, which may or may not be drastically different from your own experiences.

Are there some traits/behaviors I believe are important for all submissives?  Yes.  Loyalty, flexibility (and I don't mean of the body), obedience, honesty.  You know, the usual!  But,…

Dominance: What is it?

For the last month or so, I have been receiving BDSM and D/s related writing prompts to my e-mail from Loving BDSM (I will add a link as soon as I can, the site seems to be down currently).  The first one I received is about Dominance.  What does it mean?  What types of traits does/should a Dominant have?  How should a Dominant behave?
Well, I do have my own opinions on this, but I thought it might be fun to get some insight directly from my Wolf (my Dom).  He listed out some traits and behaviors a Dom should have and I have added my own commentary.  So, you get the opinion of both a Dominant and a submissive!  It's a win-win!
These following are in no particular order, but are a list of what I think separates the fake, predatory creeps from the trustworthy Dominants just trying to find their person.  A lot of these apply to both D and s types.

Patience Patience is a virtue, they say, and I believe it is even more important within a D/s dynamic.  We are human beings and we are not…

How did I stumble into D/s?

So, how exactly did I stumble into D/s and kink?

Well, you know, Ken spanked Barbie before there was even a computer in the house to corrupt me.  I was born a perv!

Then when internet happened in my house, I fell down the rabbit hole, years ago, when I had to lie and pretend I was over 18 to gain entry to most of the sites I was fascinated with.  Granted, I wouldn't have considered any of the sites to be hardcore porn-type sites.  They were mostly spanking story boards.  I've always been more into words than pictures or videos, forming my own image in my head is most erotic to me.

Teenage Stormy was fascinated by the idea of domestic discipline and 1950's style relationships - strong men who took charge and *gasp* spanked!  The idea made me wet.  It still does actually, and now that it's on my mind, I wish Wolf was here so I could.. uh.. pounce.  
My lovely, trusting parents allowed me to have a computer and an internet connection in my room.  They didn't (and will…

Hello, I'm Stormy!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself - I'm Stormy Foxx, a brand-new erotica author and kink blogger!  I have a few stories available on Amazon, check them out here, and am always in the process of adding more. 

My stories tend to fall on the 'taboo' side of kink.  Menage/groups, forbidden encounters, consensual non-consent, and the like.  Writing, I believe, is the best way to explore. 

Besides author and blogger, I also identify as a submissive and am in an amazing D/s relationship with my Wolf.  You may see Him mentioned here from time to time as I write about my own thoughts and experiences within the lifestyle. 

I am SUPER excited to start this journey and hope you'll join me - hit that Follow button to the left or the subscribe button within the header!  Don't forget to say Hello in the comments! 

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**New Release** Taken By The Executives

I am excited to announce the release of my second erotic short story - Taken By The Executives.  The story follows Karin Blackburn, a young and successful professional, who finds herself bored and unsatisfied.  A last minute evening out with the company's four top executives, who she can't seem to keep her eyes (or her mind) off, changes everything when she divulges a dark secret.  Her work life will never be the same as the executives gang up to take, though she isn't complaining, all the pleasures they desire.  
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This is a short story involving multiple, gorgeous men in a professional setting.  Approximately 4,000 words.  For adults 18+ only.
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