Hello, I'm Stormy!

Stormy Foxx
I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself - I'm Stormy Foxx, a brand-new erotica author and kink blogger!  I have a few stories available on Amazon, check them out here, and am always in the process of adding more. 

My stories tend to fall on the 'taboo' side of kink.  Menage/groups, forbidden encounters, consensual non-consent, and the like.  Writing, I believe, is the best way to explore. 

Besides author and blogger, I also identify as a submissive and am in an amazing D/s relationship with my Wolf.  You may see Him mentioned here from time to time as I write about my own thoughts and experiences within the lifestyle. 

I am SUPER excited to start this journey and hope you'll join me - hit that Follow button to the left or the subscribe button within the header!  Don't forget to say Hello in the comments! 

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