Titles & Name-calling in D/s

Today's post is about titles and name-calling, another prompt from the 30 Days of D/s by Loving BDSM.  Actually, it's mostly about titles within a D/s relationship, I'm just adding the name-calling part because I needed something extra to write about.

The questions given in the prompt include: Are there titles you prefer or are interested in exploring?  Are there any that turn you off or don't seem to be a good fit for you?

Titles vary from dynamic to dynamic.  When talking to or about my Wolf, I call Him Wolf or Sir or by His name.  If I'm answering a direct question it is always yes or no Sir.  Wolf calls me various things, too - little bunny, slut bunny, or my actual name.

I think that titles can serve to reinforce the dynamic.  Being called 'little bunny' makes me feel warm and fuzzy and... submissive.  It turns me on a little too, but let's face it, I am turned on 99% of the time anyway.  Slut bunny, indeed.

I also enjoy being called more degrading/humiliating type names - you know, dirty slut and the like.  Of course, names like those should always be used in moderation and my idea of degradation is much lighter than most.  There is also an extremely important distinction to be aware of... I am not A dirty slut, I am HIS dirty slut.  If anyone else called me such a thing, I'd knock their teeth out.

On the flip side, there are many titles and names that turn me off on both sides of the coin.  'Daddy' has never worked for me, and I would never use it outside of fictional writing.  'Master' also makes me cringe a little.  Extremely degrading animal names (pig, cow, etc) are also on the ABSOLUTELY NOT list.  I also detest being referred to as a slave.  There is nothing wrong with ANY of the above in a consensual setting, but they aren't for me.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments!  What names/titles do you like?  Dislike?


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